Sakarya Parquet

Sakarya Parquet
  • 29 May 2022

Sakarya Parquet
Parquets have been used especially in homes as one of the healthiest woods since ancient times. However, the parquet structure, which was used frequently in the past, has been replaced by types that can be cleaned more easily and do not require maintenance.

Over the years, the replacement of naturalness with artificial materials has also been reflected in the parquets. People have started to prefer the ones that are easy to clean rather than the healthy ones. This situation brings with it health problems. The solid parquet type made of healthy materials is also an economical choice.

Keles Orman Urunleri responds instantly to every request about parquet. It offers the desired flooring type to the consumer in line with the preferences of the people.

You should know that every product is produced in accordance with the quality standards under the guarantee of Keleş Orman Ürünleri, which is a Sakarya hardwood company.

Parquet Types
There are 3 types of parquet. The type of parquet that has survived from ancient times to the present is solid parquet. Although it is a little difficult to maintain, we can say that it is one of the healthiest types of parquet. It looks very stylish both in terms of thermal insulation and appearance.

Another type of parquet is laminated parquet. These parquet types, which already have a polished appearance, are among the most preferred parquet types today.

Finally, laminate flooring is one of the flooring types and it is one of the most preferred flooring types today. It has taken its place among the materials used for years with its easy use and aesthetic appearance.

We mentioned that solid parquets are a bit difficult to use. When you try to drag any item over it, it may lose the polish. It also needs to be polished after a certain period of time. Since it is a natural wood material, it is necessary to polish it without allowing any insect species such as bedbugs to live in it. However, it will be sufficient to polish it once a year, unless the polish is especially removed for any reason.

When choosing parquet, do you prefer the one that is easy to clean and has many color scales, or the one that is healthy even though it is difficult to maintain? The answer to this may vary from person to person. Whatever your preference, Keles Orman Ürünleri offers the best quality products for you.

Laminated parquet and solid parquet varieties are produced from natural wood materials. However, the same is not the case for laminate flooring. The color scale for laminate flooring, which we can call synthetic flooring, is quite wide. It also gives an aesthetic appearance to the area where it is located.

Parquet Prices
As it is known, quality is directly proportional to prices. The higher the quality of the product, the higher the price. In your parquet preferences, there is a class quality difference between solid and laminated parquets and laminate parquet. Therefore, the price scale of laminate flooring is lower than the others.

Although the prices of laminate flooring are lower than solid and laminated flooring, laminate flooring adds a stylish and spacious atmosphere to the area where they are used. In addition, the wide range of colors is also among the reasons for preference.

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