Sakarya Panel

Sakarya Panel
  • 29 May 2022

Sakarya Panel
One of the reasons for preference is that the paneling, which is used in many buildings today, is easy to clean. In addition, it is another reason for preference that it is not affected by heat or humidity with its durable structure. Panels, which I often come across on terraces of houses or wooden structures, are also preferred in offices.

Paneling, which is a wooden covering material; It is used to describe interlocking wooden products. Since this structure is formed by coating, it can be applied to almost any tree.

We can see paneling in 3 ways as wood, PVC and aluminum. You can see the wooden paneling on the ceiling in the lofts and on the walls of the room. As Keleş Orman Ürünleri, we can create paneling from any tree you want for the area you want.

When the selection of the paneling is not done correctly, a dark appearance is obtained instead of a bright appearance in the room. In this respect, you will have a bright and spacious area with the right choice of wood and varnish. Paneling, which provides an easy use for many years, is among the most preferred building materials. It is preferred not only for cleaning but also for its longevity.

The fact that it can be applied outdoors is another indicator of how durable its structure is. Keleş Orman Ürünleri, like all its products, has brought together quality workmanship and reasonable prices in panelling. Panel prices vary according to the quality. You can view detailed information about paneling prices under the heading "Painting prices".

Wood Paneling Colors
It is an important point to consider whether the area is wide or narrow when choosing wood paneling colors. Where you will use it is as important as the width or narrowness of the area. Choosing the paneling that you will use on the walls or ceiling in the right colors will make your room look brighter. The fact that the paneling is polished as well as the right color is also effective in the appearance of the room or the area used.

Extremely dark colors are not included in paneling varieties that have many color scales. The reason for this is that it spoils the spacious structure of the room. Dark color preferences in paneling are generally one of the factors that make the areas narrow.

If you have a house with an attic, it would be beneficial to choose ceiling and wall paneling in light colors. Especially using light colors in a polished way means that you will have a spacious and bright room for many years. Likewise, the use of paneling in various colors for offices has become widespread.

Paneling Prices
Paneling prices vary according to the quality of the material used, that is, its class. In addition, being imported or domestic is one of the factors affecting prices. It is beneficial to purchase a quality paneling for many years of maintenance-free use. Your preferences may change depending on your needs and frequency of use in the area you will use.

Keleş Orman Ürünleri delivers your paneling in any quality and quantity you want, as soon as possible. You can find the most suitable paneling types for all your areas with Keleş Orman Ürünleri, which combines quality materials and workmanship at affordable prices.

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